Since early 2000, Champion Hamilton has acted as a content provider and information concierge to various publications and industry professionals. Under the name of Champion Eye Media, sharing content with a collective audience of over 300,000 in person and through other publications. Content includes photos, articles/write-ups and general product or service information. Topics span technology, gaming, toys, collectables, useful services, red carpet events and pop culture in general. Champion Eye Media has also assisted with the public presence of various brands behind the scenes.

Event and client galleries have been primarily what are featured publicly. Going forward, more content will be released directly aside from through other outlets.

If you can’t find something you’re looking for, use the Contact page. Include as much detail as possible. Need coverage? Make requests there too.¬†Photos are not public domain but can be made available on request.

After a long unplanned hiatus, a full site revamp is in progress. Quite a few things have changed so a relaunch is on the way soon. Please stand by…

|| Information Concierge/Photojournalist – Sourcing and presenting information spanning various genres to content creators and consumers. Direct reach includes, print/online media outlets, content creators, private clients and PR teams. A collective reach of 500,000+.
** Big or small, I may be able to assist you directly **

|| Event Photographer|| – Known by the words, “Anyone can take a picture, an artist captures the moment.” I specialize in business or private events and media photography. From back yards to red carpets and beyond.

|| Press Pit Manager || – As one of the gears behind the machine, I prep and manage step and repeats (red carpets). Liaison between event teams and the press pit. Keeping things organized and calm for film festivals, public and private media events. (Primary film festival:

|| Gaming Media || – Moderating Twitch and Discord communities for digital creators. Bringing content ideas and info to content creators and viewers from behind the scenes. (Main Gaming ID: SaintClear)


Over the years, as a Photojournalist/Event Photographer, Consultant and Writer my paths lead to many places. A lot can be found when you have a thirst for information and an observant eye. With everything I’ve learned pooled together, the title of Information Concierge fit best. If it’s Pop Culture, Technology, Gaming, Entertainment or the Arts in general, I spiral through learning what’s new and share it with my clients and network.

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  • *Event photos are usually posted within a week. Some are posted privately when shot exclusively. The photos you're in can always be made available to you. For specific photo requests, send a message. Include links with your message when needed.